Check Your Boobies

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Heike Malakoff, a 36 –year-old breast cancer (bc) survivor, wants you to Check Your Boobies (CYB; once a month. Most women don’t conduct monthly self breast exams and since early detection is key to survival, it’s a no-brainer that all women should know their breasts, period. CYB is a first of its kind, nonprofit organization designed to teach every woman about breast health, cancer prevention and early detection in a frank, fun, fear-free manner. Fun, edgy educational outreach is done through in-home CYB parties where any woman may host her friends (like at a Tupperware party, book club). In the company of girlfriends, a Breast Health professional visits, teaching attendees about breast health and prevention in an engaging and non-clinical environment. CYB, a 501 c3, provides the Breast health professional free. Imagine eating chocolates and sipping wine with pals while talking about your boobs in a way that could save you and your friends’ lives! Mission: to have every woman (including teens) know her breasts and check them every month, thus being able to note changes. Register for FREE monthly email reminder to Check Your Boobies, Free CYB Kits for party attendees, groovy garb.