Have a Sexy Period: Reusable Pads Feature Hot, Shirtless Dudes

Periods suck. Cramps, irritability, and the weeklong bloodbath that mark a fertile lady aren’t my idea of fun. Also, having to spend a ton of money on disposable cotton crap to shove in your pants is total BULL-shit. But wait! There is a solution (to that problem, at least) and it’s emblazoned with sexy shirtless dudes who are ready to support you during your monthly visits.

Available on Etsy (and for a limited time, on sale!), Rosie’s Creative Designs boutique offers an assortment of feminine hygiene products as an alternative to the store brands. The eco-friendly pads are washable, unlike their ugly, plastic-wrapped counterparts, and come in an assortment of prints. I’m partial to the hot dude ones because they crack me up, and I’ve heard that laughter is a great pain-reliever.

Would you consider going the sexy, reusable route? Save some money and check out the boutique’s Facebook page for updates and holiday deals.

Photos via RCD Boutique 

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