Hauler Girls Shop And Vlog For Free Clothes

What up young entrepreneuring ladies? Just vlogging about all the new clothes you got... for free! What started as personal video blogs about what clothes high schoolers bought has turned into an easy advertising method. Teen girls have been posting what are called "haul videos" on YouTube showing the latest fashions for some time now, but stores are just starting to notice and give them benefits for what was once free advertising.

According to "Good Morning America," stores like Forever 21 and JCPenny have given gift certificates to some of these fashionable ladies so they can shop to their hearts' content then show off their cute new threads for millions of viewers. They aren't exactly getting paid, but for some teen girls clothes are enough of an incentive to plug for major retailers. In this kind of economy, free clothes are always a plus. These ladies must be future PR directors!


Video: MomLogic

Photo: Vlog Girl

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