Happy Monday! Here's a New Webseries for You to Love

A happy Monday morning to you, dear reader. While you’re prying your eyes open in preparation for a brand new work week, let me a present you with an early reward for your effort. Here is a brand new webseries for you to fall in love with (if you haven’t already)—Chloe and Zoë


Chloe and Zoë is the brainchild of Chloe Searcy and Zoë Worth, two 23-year-old women with a cool mix of LA and NYC informing their style. The series is broken up into ten segments featuring the titular girls, “who make plans and then spend the next 3-7 minutes breaking them”.


Hailed by Indiewire as “better than 2 Broke Girls” and picked up by Hellogiggles.com for a spinoff series, Chloe and Zoë is quickly becoming one of the best-loved new webseries out there. Not that it’s hard to see why—the writing and acting is unpretentious, engaging, and (thankfully) free from the rampant pessimism that snakes through a lot of web content these days. 


Check out all the previous episodes of this brilliantly low-key series. Not only will your Monday “mehh’s” miraculously disappear, you’ll find yourself with a new favorite webseries. Not a bad haul before noon, right? 



Photos via Chloe and Zoë (Facebook)

Videos via Youtube

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