Hamster Hotel is Apparently a Real Thing...

I've always wanted to see how the other half lives. In my daydreams, I was swapping lives with a millionaire. Or a celebrity. Or, you know, at least another person

Introducing: Villa Hamster. A luxury resort in France where people pay real, human money to be treated like hamsters.

Apparently when you have enough money, normal vacations are boring. Who wants to see the French Riviera? Done it. The Eiffel Tower? Child, please.

109 Euros (that's $143 USD!) gets you one night of the full rodent experience at Villa Hamster: rooms have exercise wheels, organic hamster grains are on the menu, and guests can wear little hamster hoods to really get themselves in the mood. 

Consider this today's edition of You Have Too Much Money For Your Own Good.

Insert eye roll here.


Now, I don't speak French, but this video is still pretty hilarious.

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Image source YouTube.com

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