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Victoria Seimer, a Brooklyn-based graphic designer, posts her stunning work on tumblr under the name Wichoria. All of her work is phenomenal, but her weekly series entitled, “Human Error” is what first caught my eye. In this digital day and age, everyone is familiar with the layout of computer pop-ups, such as error messages and repeated reminders, which is partly what makes this series so powerful. What if error messages just popped up in real life… what would they say? Seimer’s series answers this question by pairing such messages with evocative Polaroid images that she has taken. While this whole series screams tumblr—from its pastelly tint to it’s melancholy content—its unique visual language transcends tumblr clichés and undeniably communicates poignantly.



Wichoria #WCW

All images courtesy of Tumblr


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