Grandmas & Grandpas Teach English to Young Brazilians: Cutest Class Ever

Want to learn a new language and brighten someone’s day at the same time? This seems to be the philosophy behind FCB Brazil’s “Speaking Exchange” project, which pairs young Brazilians who want to learn and practice their English, with elderly Americans living in retirement homes. 

The agency FCB Brazil partnered with the CNA Language Network to create a virtual exchange program with the Windsor Retirement Community in Chicago. This project hits you right in the feels! In the video, the senior citizens light up as teens interact with them and share personal anecdotes. Highlights of the clip include an elderly man joking, “I look like I’m 25!” and a woman greeting her video pal by singing into the computer, “Good morning dear Julia, good morning to you!”

Max Geraldo, FCB Brazil’s Executive Director says, “The beauty of this project is in CNA’s belief that we develop better students when we develop better people.”

This project is further proof that when education is imbedded in humanity, the results are remarkable.

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