Girls Power: We Love Lena Dunham's New HBO Series

Voice-of-my-generation Lena Dunham, the creator/star of the relatable flick Tiny Furniture, has something new to be proud of. She wrote and produced the upcoming HBO television series, Girls, set to premiere April 15, 2012. Dunham explained that she was simply writing what she knows. “I felt like there wasn’t a pop culture mirror reflecting girls my age experiencing the trails and tribulation of being female that this specific time."

BUST staffers watched three episodes of the first season and fell in love--the show is a witty and honest gaze at the struggles and successes of a group of NYC girls in their early 20’s. Judd Apatow, the executive producer, describes the show as “smart and kinda dirty" which aptly describes most of the ladies I know. It’s incredibly fun to see women my age represented realistically, and I, for one, can’t wait watch the show. Check out the video below and don’t miss our interview with Dunham in the upcoming issue of BUST!

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Text Source: hbo.com

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