Custom made paper dolls

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This truly beautiful gift for any little girl, custom made by a professional children and fashion illustrator. The package comes with : * One personalized 10-inch paper doll. Laminated and sturdy. Made to order following your specifications (eye, skin, hair color, etc.). If you send me a pic, that's even easier. --the stand has the name of child on it * 6 beautiful, colorful costumes. They are already pre-perforated, so no cutting required. The costumes are made the modern way, with static cling material --no tabs. They are reusable and stick directly to the doll with soft pressure. * 1 folder, illustrated to represent a Masquerade Ball with 4 little girls in costumes, dancing in a dreamy pink room with chandeliers and disco balls Stuck to the back, there is an envelope to store the clothes when not used. On the front, there is a sticker with the name of the child and little shiny studs. To order, please check the first item in my shop, you will find all the instuctions and pictures of the product :