A Rebel Song

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A Rebel Song is my brutally honest greeting card company, "Saying what you really mean even if it IS really mean". For all of those awkward moments when you didn't know what to say,.. Now your can send that slap in the face by mail or send your suffocating love note by courier. If you don't know how to scare her into staying with you, now you do. Are you sexually frustrated with your boyfriend? Why don't you just say so with a smirk and a humiliating public announcement? Did the guy you work with get your promotion? Now you can say congrats with an obvious twinge of distain. In case you woke up feeling generous and nice, I have cards for you too. With that slap in the face can come a kiss. These cards are not for the easily offended. In fact, you probably should be over 18 to buy them, but hey, teenagers get crabs too. Please enjoy my sick creations, and I hope I made a card for that special f*@#ed up moment or situation in your life.