Bento Box Plush Strap Hannari Tofu By FromJapanWithLove - Kawaii Shop

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FromJapanWithLove is online store in Japan for shopping bento box, Japanese bento box, lunch box, kids bento box, sushi candy making kit, bento accessories (egg shaper, onigiri rice ball mold, sandwich cutter, sushi mold, nori punch, baran, food picks, sauce bottles etc) for making kids and family bento box lunches.

And from traditional Japanese kitchen tools to baby & kids goods (cell phone strap, cell phone holder, plush, toy, bag, pouch, stickers, memo pad, letter set, pencil, notebook, erasers), Anime Character Goods (Hello Kitty, Hannari Tofu, Nyan Nyan Nyanko, Rilakkuma, Mameshiba and etc) and things that truly can't be found outside of Japan.

As seen on, The New York Times, Ladies' Home Journal, Glamour etc about cute bento box and accessories for making lunch.