2006 Lesbian Calendar

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We are a Sydney based design studio (owned and operated by us - 2 lesbians) and we just finished creating a funky dykes calendar for 2006.

It is self funded, and 100% aussie made.

With our base in Sydney Australia we've had the privilege of living in a very gay tolerant - nay - friendly city for the last few years.
Not really in the scene but with the occasional nodding of our head on the sidelines we've seen enough of what's around to realise that for us girls - there isn't much. It's that and the blurry recollections of Mardi Gras or walking down the street in Newtown that have led us to create privatePINK and this calendar - the first of many future privatePINK productions.

To check it out please look at your nearest book store, or favourite retailer, or just visit us online at:

We will be VERY happy to receive any comments questions or suggestions