Getting Older Ain't For Sissies!" Declares Fashion Icon Iris Apfel

Into the Gloss interviewed the always stylish Iris Apfel to get the dish on aging gracefully and thoughts behind her new MAC cosmetics line now in stores. She talks about everything from staying busy at 90-years old to makeup tips for "advanced" ladies such as herself. One of the best parts of her interview has to be when she addresses her perceived awesomeness: "My God, these girls will say, I’m ‘cool’ or I’m ‘hot’ or whatever the expression is," she says, "And I’m not doing anything differently than what I did a long time ago." Spoken like a true classic! 

She's probably one of our top style icons here at BUST and part of the inspiration for a photo shoot in our newest issue, so look out for more Apfel-inspired goodness, along with other fabulously eccentric ladies!

When it comes to her new line with MAC, the lipsticks are as wonderfully bright as bright can be. With shades like Scarlet Ibis, Pink Pigeon, and Party Parrot, it's hard to choose just one!

[Into the Gloss/The Cut]

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