Taara Tati, AKA Metal Mother, is an Oakland native whose music is anything but what you'd expect out of sunny California. Her industrial, avant-pop brings Enya to mind when you hear her echoing, supernatural vocals. The best way to describe her combination of experimental electronica and dark lyrics is as its own genre of "gloomcore." Metal Mother's expertly-produced "Doomdome" is off her latest full-length Ionika, an album full of eerie Game of Thrones soundtrack-esque songs. "Doomdome" takes you on ethereal ride full of danceable beats, catchy keyboard melodies, and ominous lines like "The end is near, Closer than you think/ Life as we know, Teeters on the brink." Get your witch house on by listening below!


You can stream and buy Ionika over here!

Photos via Metal Mother's Facebook and BandCamp


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