Get Your Science On: Adorable Videos About the Science of Orgasms, Hangovers, and More

YouTube can be a major time-waster, or a super productive educator. Typically the difference in how you use it depends on what time of the day/night you're browsing, how many glasses of wine you may or may not have had, and how stressful your day has been. I don't think I have to outline the correlation between cat video watching and the number of times you made a mistake at work. 

For those nights or lunch breaks when you want to return to the world a little smarter, there's ASAP Science, a YouTube channel full of adorably illustrated cartoon videos describing the science behind child-like curiosities, like what would happen if you never went outside again, or the science behind lying. 

Next time you're at a cocktail hour or trying to impress your partners parents, you can bust out some ASAP Science facts about what causes blushing  or the science of cats.

Here are a few of their PG-13 videos:



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