Get Campy While Camping

Summer means a lot of things: pools, slip n' slides, cook outs, struggling to install that window AC unit, and ultimately, vacation. Whether it's the days you take off from your 9 to 5 to vegetate in your bed watching Netflix, an escape to Europe, or a trip to the Jersey shore, vacation is a staple for summer.

If you plan to escape to the wilderness for your vacation, you're going to need a baller tent to shelter you from the elements. Allow us to suggest Field Candy tents. These tents are way more spacious than regular two-person tents, with enough space for a "lobby" to dry damp items. Lobby? In a tent?!

While they cost a pretty penny, they're worth the splurge. Not only is each tent a personal design by a different artist, but they also all come with a smart box full of goodies, including your inner tent, your designer flysheet with a matching bag, A-frame poles, pegs, a hammer and peg puller, a spares kit, combination padlocks, full instructions, an owner's manual and a carry bag.

So if you're looking to invest in a tent for a lifetime of getaways, look no further. These tents will be your stylish home away from home. I'm unfortunately sure that some of them are way prettier than my bedroom walls.

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