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This weekend at the Brooklyn Expo Center, the BUST Holiday Craftacular—along with the brand-new BUST School for Creative Living—will make all of your crafty feminist dreams come true with a plethora of speakers, musicians, teachers, vendors, and everyone in between. Tickets are still on sale for individual workshops and performances, but we’ve also got day passes and several awesome events for no cost at all.

Here are just seven of BUST’s top picks you won’t want to miss this weekend. Check ’em out:

1. Amber Tamblyn’s Sunday talk on Women & Power, featuring kickass writers Jamia Wilson, Alanna Bennett, and Laurie Henzel. Psych yourself up with Tamblyn’s most recent New York Times op-ed.

adeerahorse 06f17A Deer A Horse, via the band's Bandcamp.

2. The two-day music festival will include local artists from every genre and background including New Myths, Fiona Silver, and A Deer A Horse. It’s only $5 a day to jam out with this awesome female-fronted lineup.

Lindy West f81d2 9d65dLindy West, via

3. Lindy West’s talk on Storytelling and Activism on Saturday at 1pm. Alongside #ShoutYourAbortion’s Founding Director Amelia Bonow and artist Poppy Liu, West will discuss the power of sharing our own stories.

kristensollee b6c10

4. Get witchy on Sunday with author Kristen Sollee’s talk on the history of witches as they interact with the feminist movement, female sexuality, and popular culture.

juliacumming 92a52

5. Julia Cumming of Sunflower Bean will lead a free Sunday workshop on turning our anger into political activism. The event will feature an amazing guest, Congress candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

corinnekai df795Corinne Kai by YuniqueYunique via Kai's website.

6. Writer and sex educator Corinne Kai, who has worked as an ER rape crisis advocate, will lead a free workshop on how to feel pleasure after sexual trauma.

embroidery a25f9 4d2b2 579ad

7. For crafting newbies, learn the basics of embroidery with Anna Turner’s class, offered both days. All materials, including a hoop, a needle, and all kinds of threads, will be provided.

We hope to see you there!

Top photo by Michael Levine for BUST

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Learn Everything From Zine-Making To BDSM For Beginners At The BUST School for Creative Living zines 42f88


This year, BUST’s annual Brooklyn Craftacular will feature the BUST School for Creative Living, a catalog of over a hundred crafting and wellness workshops, panels and talks with established writers and activists, and a lineup of kickass female-fronted bands and artists. The two-day celebration will take place at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint this weekend, December 9th and 10th.

On Saturday, memoirist and New York Times contributor Lindy West, #ShoutYourAbortion Founding Director Amelia Bonow, and artist Poppy Liu will discuss Storytelling as Activism, and the power of sharing our individual lived experiences. On Sunday, actor and poet Amber Tamblyn will spearhead a panel on Fighting Patriarchal Narratives and Being Allies to Each Other in the Era of Trump alongside writers Jamia Wilson and Alanna Bennett and BUST Co-Founder Laurie Henzel.

Lindy West f81d2Lindy West, via

As for classes, there’s something for everyone. Get in touch with your artsy side at Suffragette City’s DIY zine workshoplearn to silkscreen with Shoestring Press, explore BDSM for Beginners with Sophie St. Thomas and Aviva Diamond, or learn the basics of reading tarot and opening your chakras if you’re feeling spiritual. Then, cap the day off at the Craftacular’s music festival — an all-access music pass is only $5 per day.

Parrot Dream, a Chilean-American dream pop foursome, will be performing on Sunday.

Check out the rest of the wildly talented speakers, artists, and teachers who will be at the Craftacular on our website, and buy your full-day pass here.

photo via Suffragette City

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Make Your Own Dildo Gift Wrap At The BUST Craftacular This Weekend! NSFWwrappingpaper silk shoe printing press bust craftacular 3ccaf

The holiday season is upon us all, and for better or worse, there is no way to put it off any longer. You know what we're talking about: the inevitable, sometimes tedious and tense, stress that is gift shopping. And following that comes the art of wrapping, which in recent years seems to have become an prestigious competition in its very own creative league. 

But don't worry, this holiday season, your BFFs', older cousins', and maybe even your cool and somewhat out-there aunt's gifts will have a chance to be wrapped up in in a brand new twist on gift-wrapping. Like, how does dildo-decorated wrapping paper sound to you? To us, it sounds kind of awesome, possibly redefining the meaning of NSFW, or should we say, "NSFC" (Not Safe For Christmas)? At the BUST Craftacular this upcoming weekend (December 9-10), our friends at Brooklyn-based printing company the Shoestring Press, with the help of a pretty rad silkscreen press, are ready to help meet all of your wrapping needs and teach you how to make your very own silkscreen printed wrapping paper, including the dildo print. Or alternatively, a more PG-rated version, if that feels safer for your holiday celebrations. 

The Shoestring Press will also help you print your own tote bags, including prints of some of our coolest, badass ladies at the moment, such as Maxine Waters and Ruth Bader Ginsburg — also a perfect gift to give your very own powerful and precious lady friends and family this year! 

RBGtote silk printing press bust craftacular b4337

The perfect gift for any of your awesome lady friends would be this Ruth Bader Ginsburg silk-screen printed tote bag. (Photo: Shoestring Press

MAXINEtote silk shoe silk printing press bust craftacular 2dee8

Shoestring Press tote bag with Maxine Waters print. (Photo: Shoestring Press

The BUST  Team hope that you will join us in our holiday preparations, silkscreen-printing and the other amazing classes and talks included at the BUST Craftacular in Brooklyn this weekend! Buy your tickets to Shoestring Press' silkscreen printing HERE,  and if you want to attend the whole weekend with us (which we hope you will), go HERE to get your tickets

Top photo from Shoestring Press. 

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Silkscreening, Embroidery, And Macramé: Classes To DIY For At The BUST Craftacular!

Essential Oils, Healing Herbs, And Medicinal Mushrooms: Take A Holistic Health Class At The BUST Craftacular!


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19 Photos That Will Make You Wish You'd Attended Mercado Sagrado  N9A8864 0097e

 Once a year, the canyon spirit of Southern California comes into full bloom in the form of Mercado Sagrado. The Mercado draws together like-minded individuals, lovers of the earth, spirit questers and those seeking a way to express their joy while focusing on developing a more beautiful, insightful, and deliberate way of living.

The two day lifestyle fair takes place annually, nestled deep in the canyons of Malibu. The attendees enjoy a free spirit and fresh air in a secluded area that tourists rarely find. The event is highly curated and filled with ethical and conscientious craft, art, and design. Music is also an important part of Mercado Sagrado and people can hear a variety of tunes performed live. The event also includes its own wellness marketplace, organic food fair, and opportunities to attend lectures and hands-on classes on a variety of topics.

 N9A8541 d94b4 Jo Abellera of KKIBO:

 N9A8543 71fdbEmilyn Eto of Cloth Object: @clothobject

 N9A8601 02a5eShele Jessee of Hollow Bone: @_hollowbone_

 N9A8627 ffae4Barbara Pisch of Patriae: @patriaetextiles

 N9A8635 e73cbSean W Spellman: @seanwspellman

 N9A8653 b1ab8Ceren Alkaç-Lee of Oddbird: @oddbirdcompany

 N9A8657 a061dEasy to Breathe: @easytobreathe

 N9A8682 9a528Tsugu Wada + Keiko Matsuo of Golda Life: @golda_life

 N9A8685 6ff28Taraka Larson, a.k.a. Prince Rama of Extreme Mess: @_princerama_ + @xtrememess

 N9A8705 892ecIn The House of Lovers, Lise Silva and Mary Elizabeth Evan: @lisesilva + @spirit.speak

 N9A8712 efbc5Mary Elizabeth Evan of In The House of Lovers: @spirit.speak

 N9A8739 6396cTimo Granzotti: @timogranzotti

 N9A8786 60a11Last Chance Textiles: @last_chance_textiles

 N9A8795 5e0a1Last Chance Textiles: @last_chance_textiles

 N9A8807 f303fModern Macrame by Emily Katz: @modernmacrame + @emily_katz

 N9A8823 a32b4Women Are Sacred

 N9A8884 6c812Gaia School of Healing: @thegaiaschoolofhealingca

 N9A8911 2d180Nat Thompson of I Can Always Eat: @icanalwayseat


Top photo of Amy Yeung of Orenda Tribe with daughter + model Lily Yeung: @orendatribe + @lily.yeung

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Trump Continues His Public Fight Against Sanity This Week trump gage skidmore 8418e

This morning, as usual, the country awoke to more of Donald Trump’s utter insanity. This time it’s because he shared violent, racist videos on Twitter. Just another reminder the United States of America is run by a delusional, dangerous man-child. Let’s go on a journey through all the really dumb shit Trump has been up to in the past couple of days, because we cannot accept or normalize this behavior. Ever.

He's retweeting anti-Muslim videos:

Wednesday morning, Trump retweeted three videos from Britain First co-leader Jayda Fransen. The videos were titled “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!”, “Muslim Destroys Statue of Virgin Mary!”, and “Islamist mob pushes teen boy off roof and beats him to death.” Now a bit about Britain First: it’s a far-right, anti-Muslim, anti-immigration political party in United Kingdom. As for Fransen, The Independent reports she was charged this month with hate speech and one year ago was convicted of religiously aggravated harassment. Last year she was also banned from entering all mosques in England and Wales.

He's twisting Matt Lauer’s firing into an attack on “fake news” while also implying MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is a murderer:

Trump tweet 1 bafbb

The fake news attack is usual Trump behavior. It’s tactless, inappropriate, and not at all presidential, but, nonetheless, expected. The subtle implication that Scarborough was somehow involved in the death of an intern is, however, fairly unexpected. The “unsolved mystery” Trump is referring to in the above tweet is presumably the tragic death of an intern working for Scarborough when he was a Florida Representative in 2001. Let’s be real, it’s not an unsolved mystery (Politifact labeled the claim "Pants on Fire") and it is completely insensitive and traumatic to everyone involved for the President to be drudging up a young woman’s death.

He's embarrassing himself with an empty chair stunt:

Before a scheduled meeting with Republican and Democratic congressional leaders to discuss the national budget, Trump tweeted he “didn’t see a deal” with “Chuck and Nancy.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer responded by pulling out of the meeting. Of course, Trump wanted to make a show out of it, so he went ahead with the meeting and made sure the Democratic absence was felt. His solution: flank himself with empty chairs, leaving Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan out of the frame. He even set out little name tags with the minority leaders' names (cute!).

c span empty chair stunt 01988

He's continuing his crusade against reality:

The New York Times published an article detailing the various conspiracy theories Trump has been spewing in private to senators and his aides. Apparently, he is insisting that the voice on the Access Hollywood recording is not his - even though he admitted it was in fact him in a public statement during his campaign. He’s also still adamant Obama’s birth certificate is fake and that he lost the election due to widespread voter fraud.  


Also, let us never forget he respects turkeys more than women:

liz plank tweet bba9e

Top photo via Flickr/Gage Skidmore; middle photo via C-Span.


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You Are Here And You Matter  

walkabout II updated 72df0

I’ve celebrated an anniversary every January since 2003. It’s the date I read on my hospital wristband when I woke up from my suicide attempt. It’s the day I opened my eyes to a bright light and my mother stroking the braids she put in my hair while I was unconscious. She mumbled softly to me, “You are here, baby.” It’s the day I was driven to a mental hospital and had my first therapy session; where I had to talk to someone about my gut-wrenching sadness and insecurities. It wasn’t a happy day, but it is one that I am thankful I lived through.

“Every day is a blessing." — Grandma






I learned I was experiencing severe depression, panic attacks, and rapid mood swings.

I learned that I should love myself. I try to remember to love myself.

I learned that I care about others more than myself.

I used to hate myself.

I used to get really drunk and make a fool of myself and fuck.

I used to abuse myself a lot because I’m the only one who is allowed to hurt me.

I stopped carving into my body.

I stopped taking medication after trying it for 6 years.

I stopped pretending to be what others wanted me to be.

“Be your best friend." — Mom

I moved to New York to get into a healthier headspace and nurture my creativity. I moved to New York to heal my wounds from a past relationship that shredded my trust. I closed myself in after that betrayal and I just needed to get out, give myself space, get a new perspective. I drove cross-country with my BFF; my eyes were set on a job lead and a beautiful brick-walled apartment.

When I arrived in New York, my excitement morphed into crippling anxiety. It held me captive in that beautiful brick apartment for one week. I had left my support system of friends and family; I cried randomly, held my cat, and told myself I can’t go back yet. I didn’t know where to go, or what to do in this massive city, so I decided on a destination; I went to a park on the Upper West Side near where I was hoping to work.

I walked to the pier at Riverside Park and stared at the Hudson River in awe, astounded that my desert days were over and my island days were commencing. The day I chose to chase a dream and move to New York City, the dream wasn’t real. The day I chose to stand next to that river, surrounded by statues and by greenery, I recognized that my dream had become real. On my walk back to the train I repeated positive thoughts to the beat of my footsteps. You may not feel your best but you are here and you matter. A week later I had two part-time jobs and I made a new friend.

“I am my best friend.” — Me

I’m trying to be open and honest about my emotions with myself and with others. I spent a lot of time not talking about my active depression, anxiety, or mania. I don’t let people push me around anymore; if there is an issue, I will address it calmly and immediately. I try to be as direct as possible; I’ve learned bottling up my frustrations is not beneficial for anyone.

I still go in bouts of loving myself and feeling feverishly ashamed. There have been moments when the thought of suicide creeps in again. It does not happen often, but when it does I run through the reasons why I should stay alive. I spent a lot of time building a stable life around my identity as a non-binary queer with Bipolar Disorder. I learned how to handle me is by keeping busy; I lead an artist collective, co-run a magazine, manage a wine boutique, go to school part-time, make artwork, and am in a four-year relationship with someone who accepts my insecurities, and my strengths, and my growth, and everything that surrounds us. Making art and organizing community-building events have given me purpose. All of these things remind me why I am here and I matter.

By Olivia Jane Huffman

Visual and Performance artist Olivia Jane Huffman exposes misogynistic fantasies embedded in our accepted behavioral norms and damaging propaganda. They assemble found materials with sentimental or historical context to critique the tradition of womanhood. Olivia Jane is the Founder of LADY ART NYC and is based in Brooklyn, NY. More of their work can be seen on their website or Instagram.

Art by Linzi Silverman

Linzi Silverman is a Brooklyn based visual artist and intuitive energy healer. She has been making art since a young age, focusing predominantly in collage and photography. Her work is inspired by nature and nostalgia, exploring ideas of mysticism, identity, feminism, and dreams. She loves the occult, camping, and riding her bike. For her, imagination is spirituality and creating is part of her personal mission. Check out her work on her website at and her instagram @linzisilverman.


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Google Maps Wanted To Measure Your Calories In Mini Cupcakes – But Were Stopped For This Reason google mapps 101717 682ba


As if the calorie–counting frenzy that's been around in every Starbucks, Chipotle, and Le Pain de Quoutiden for years hasn't been enough to make us feel guilty about our (often perfectly normal) eating and drinking choices, Google Maps is the newest addition to join the team of often eating disorder–triggering, strategies diguised as strategies to make us lead "healthy lifestyles." 

In the past days, the tech–giant rolled out a feature for its Google Maps app, which would count the calories you burn by walking to places instead of going by car or another form of transporation. In itself, this might not seem like a groundbreaking or especially triggering tool, but it had two features which made it stand apart from other apps who have had similar features for a long itme. First of all, Google Maps calorie counter didn't just count the calories as a plain number for you to see, it measured them in edible units, more specifically so: mini cupcakes. One mini cupcake equals 110 calories, according to Google's stats, and depending on how far you walked, it would tell you just how many of those cupcakes you would burn. There was also no way to turn off the feauture, in case you didn't want to know how many mini cupcakes every step would burn.  

The new feature caused a lot of strong reactions on social media, mainly from women and girls who felt that this feature would trigger those who were struggling with, or had been struggling with, eating disorders. Because let's not forget that around 30 million Americans are currently suffering from an eating disorder. Furthermore, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness (on average, one person dies every hour from an eating disorder in the United States). Triggering eating disordered behavior is not something any company should strive for, especially not a company like Google, which interacts with our lives everyday on multiple platforms. 


screenshot busttwitter 1017717 7581f

screenshot bust twitter 101717 8f815screenshot bust twitter 101717 8f815


Following the many and upset reactions, Google Maps quickly rolled back the feature, with a Google Spokesperson telling TechCrunch that the decision to withdraw it was "based on strong user feedback" – which was probably a good move. For the company, and for the state of all of our general well being.  

Top photo screenshot from Google Maps/YouTube 

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On Depression, Stigma And Learning To Listen To Yourself

]]> (Amanda Brohman) General Tue, 17 Oct 2017 15:18:14 -0400
On Depression, Stigma And Learning To Listen To Yourself  cynthia del rio 88318 b7895

“What’s wrong?”

I sat on the edge of my bed, one parent on either side of me. I stared down at the colorful balloons of my bedspread sheet, the same ones that dotted the canopy above our heads. I thought about how small I seemed, how small the bed looked as the three of us tried to get comfortable on it. My parents stared back at me and I couldn’t think of an answer for them. The words felt like the balloons on the bedspread, floating around me but somehow always out of my grasp.

“I just don’t feel good,” I finally say.

“I’ll take you to the library,” my dad offers. “Or to the park. Tomorrow. Whatever you want to do.”

Yes, maybe a change of scene is what I need. I don’t tell them about how I often splay myself out on the floor of my room, gazing at the underside of my bed not really thinking about anything. It’s summer and I always hate summer break because I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel lost, aimless, confused about how to pass the time without the structure of school.

No external signs that something was really wrong. Just that maybe I was a moody kid, maybe I needed to get out more.

Elementary school ends and middle school starts. My dad passes away while I’m in 7th grade.

Now there’s a more obvious answer   — she’s not doing well because her dad is gone. My teachers approach me at school to talk; we stand outside the classroom and I feel so small. So separated from my classmates, who are probably whispering about what is happening outside.

“How are you? Please let me know if you need anything. I am here for you,” my teacher says.

I don’t know what to tell him. How am I? What does he think?

School feels so pointless and distant all of the sudden, and I don’t think any of my classmates will understand what I just went through. The last thing I want to do is talk to an adult about it. Words fail me again but this time I get angry, I get rebellious, I get dark.

“Maybe I need to look elsewhere,” I think, so I join chat rooms and try to strike friendships with strangers. I ask one girl, “Is your username based on the Rob Zombie song? ‘Living Dead Girl?’” She says yes and I think maybe she might understand, she might know what it’s like to feel alive yet dead.

Depression starts to rear its head more aggressively, starts to see what else it can take. I engage in self harm for the first and last time, cornered by both my therapist and mom about why I did it. I don’t know what to tell them. I don’t like my therapist, don’t appreciate the way she seems to always be laughing behind her eyes even as she speaks to me. Don’t like the way she cuts us off when the time is up, when my mom is in the middle of crying.

I eventually find therapists who seem more understanding, who don’t talk down to me. But it takes time.

ben garratt 134771 f39f1Photo by Ben Garratt/Unsplash

I sit in my counselor’s office and sink into her couch, and it’s warm, and the white noise of the little machines near the door soothes me. I tell her about my fears—that I won’t do well enough in school, that I can’t help my mom with paying the house, that I can’t seem to resolve the family conflicts we have, that I can’t seem to comfort the boyfriend that needs so much from me, that I can’t seem to make my writing good enough.

“That’s a lot,” she says. “You are dealing with a lot!”

Her brow is furrowed when she says it and it feels genuine and I don’t feel small.

Years later, I look back at the girl on her bed that summer and I tell her something I never did: You weren’t okay. You were starting to see the signs of depression. It was not what you thought of as depression — not the stereotypes propagated by people who didn’t know what it was like. You thought, that’s not me, I’m not hurting myself, I’m not constantly crying. But the pain sometimes makes us hollow, sometimes there are no tears. Sometimes there are no words to articulate it. You can still laugh, you can still love, but you can still hurt at the same time.

When I finally start taking medication for my depression and anxiety, the psychologist remarks, “I’m surprised you haven’t been on medication before.”

I don’t blame anyone, not even myself, for not seeing the signs sooner. But there’s a toxic cycle in the way that stigmas get spread. When I tell someone close to me that I am about to start medication, they respond, “Well what are you FEELING, really? Why don’t you just try yoga?”

It often feels like comparisons are made, comparisons that undermine my own experience. My story doesn’t tick off all the boxes. There are markers: it’s not like you’ve tried to kill yourself, it’s not like you can’t leave the house, it’s not like you shut everyone out. I know a friend, she can’t even function really.

Something doesn’t feel right, I tell them. Yeah, but you’re okay, their words seem to say.

There are steps before you get prescribed medication. I answer questions about how I feel, decide whether or not I want to reach into the part of my brain where it gets dark and pull out the thoughts that crowd my mind. Have you been feeling suicidal lately? one question says. I decide to share one image: the one where I am riding in an Uber on the freeway and I wonder what it would feel like to throw myself out of the moving car. I think about the steps: about if I can unlock the door sneakily enough, how wide I would have to open it, how quickly it would all happen.

“I don’t think my depression is that bad,” I tell the woman at the doctor’s office. “It’s so much better than before.”

“You were thinking of throwing yourself out of a moving car, and you think you have your depression handled?”

I stay quiet as the thoughts crowd my mind: but I didn’t do it, but there are people who have thought and done worse, but people would think I was ridiculous for even considering it because it’s not like my life is as bad as theirs.

I realize, then, that my whole life I was waiting for someone else to tell me that my thoughts were valid and that my mind was working against me. For someone else to be clear about it: yes, you are depressed. No, it’s not something to be taken lightly.

We don’t get to tell other people what they’re feeling, we don’t have permission to interpret what’s wrong. We can be there for them, we can listen. But we don’t have the right to tell them that their pain isn’t enough.

On dark days, I admit to myself that I’m going to have to fight my own mind. I put it into words: I’m not okay. I tell myself that it’s enough to make that statement and then to see what I can do: I write, I distract myself, I meditate, I talk to a friend, I do anything but let it win.

I convince myself to leave the house, to put headphones in and get on the bus and look out the window and remind myself that the ache in my chest is something I’m familiar with and it will go away. I get off the bus and I walk, tell myself I’ve made it this far and that I will keep on going.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.

This post originally appeared on Medium and is reprinted here with permission.

Top photo by Cynthia del Rio/Unsplash

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After The Las Vegas Shooting, We Need to Fight for Gun Control mandalaybayshooting 8bb0f

On Sunday night, a shooting at a Las Vegas concert left 59 dead and over 500 people injured. According to the New York Times, a lone gunman fired from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort into the crowd. A reported 22,000 people had gathered to watch country singer Jason Aldeans at a three-day country music festival. The shooter, 64-year old Stephen Paddock, committed suicide in his hotel room before police arrived.

This tragedy is now the worst mass shooting in recent U.S. history — a title that previously belonged to last summer’s Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. Before Pulse in 2016, there was the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in 2012. And it’s been over a decade since the Virginia Tech massacre where a student killed 32 people on the Virginia Tech campus. In between those horrors have been countless other mass shootings. Fear of mass violence has crept into schools, movie theatres, and concerts, among other public places.

Of course, gun violence in the United States is not just limited to mass shootings. According to the Everytown For Gun Safety Support Fund, an average of 93 American adults die from guns each day. While almost two-thirds of all gun deaths in the U.S. are suicides, there’s still an average of 12,000 gun homicides per year. One of the reasons this number is so high, especially compared to other developed nations, is the sheer number of guns owned in the U.S. America counts for 4.4 percent of the world’s population and 42 percent of the world’s civilian-owned guns. As reported by Vox, research links gun accessibility and prevalence to gun deaths, as well as to suicide and domestic violence.

Gun control is possible. A commonly cited example is Australia’s sweeping gun reform after a 1996 mass shooting. Australia hasn’t had a mass shooting since. And it was under a right-leaning leadership that gun ownership restrictions were enacted, and this happened even though Australia has its own share of gun-loving individualists.

Mass shootings and everyday gun homicides show the United States has a problem that needs to be solved. It’s too late to talk about gun control. We need action.

Here’s how you can help: Donate to a gun reform group like Everytown. You can also call your members of Congress to them them you’re a constituent who expects their representative to take strong action on gun reform. You can find your representative’s name and contact information here.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Sascha Brück

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How To Help Puerto Rico And Mexico  


Right now, millions of Americans in Puerto Rico are without access to water, power, or cell service because of Hurricane Maria. 

This Tuesday, the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz told CNN:

“Just yesterday, we have been canvassing one by one all of our elderly homes, finding our elderly ― and I’m not kidding ― we [had] to transfer 11 of them in near-death conditions, no food, no water, no electricity and really the sanitary conditions were deplorable.”

While those in Puerto Rico are in need of aid, Mexico needs relief help too. There have been three major earthquakes in Central Mexico since the beginning of September. More than 155 people died in Mexico City as a result of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake on September 17th.

Below are collections of charities given four out of four stars from Charity Navigator for both Puerto Rican and Mexican relief efforts.

Puerto Rico

Global Giving - Puerto Rico: In the short term, donations will be used to provide for survivor’s immediate needs like food, medical care, and water. Longer term term funding will support local organizations.

Americares: Americares has been flying in vital medical and emergency supplies to areas affected by the recent major hurricanes.

International Relief Teams: Deploys emergency relief teams, sends medical supplies, and directly funds partner groups working in the field.


Global Giving - Mexico: Like for Puerto Rico, in the short term, donations will be used to provide for survivor’s immediate needs like food, medical care, and water. Longer term term funding will support local organizations.

Direct Relief: This charity focuses on emergency relief and emergency preparedness. They also emphasis maternal and child health and disease treatment.

International Community Foundation: All contributions will be used in recovery aid in Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Giving Children Hope: Currently in Mexico City and working with partners to provide blankets, medical supplies, and other relief.

Survivors of other recent natural disasters still need our help too. BUST’s lists of charities for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma can be found here and here

Top photo via Flickr/The National Guard

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