BREAKING NEWS: Bunny Hypnotized By Bath

We can’t get enough of cute critters taking baths. Is that really so wrong? I mean, yes, maybe we went a little overboard with a list of our favorite bathing beauties, but hey, we make no apologies for bringing you the best in cute. So once again, let us baby talk.  

What animal could we possibly have in store for you today? A bunny, of course. Now, I’ll be honest: bunnies aren’t my favorite YouTube stars out there. They’re kind of like what bananas are to filet mignon (you can thank Björk for this very weird/always useful metaphor).


When I refer to filet mignon, I’m referring to the almighty, royal court of viral glory. Yes people, I’m talking about cats. Bunnies don’t really have much to their name except for the all-too recognizable 2 bunnies, 2 cups fiasco, while cute-competitor cats get a million hits for just making weird noises. Now that’s a meowing shame.

So, let’s all give a round of applause to bunnies for making a win with the video below. Our whiskered star here seems to be a foreign beauty with a deep, mesmerized “don’t fuck with me, I’m relaxing” look no cat can replicate. What’s really interesting about bunny bath videos like this one is that bunnies are self-cleaning animals that rarely need any bathing at all. When they do, it’s recommended that owners proceed with caution since rabbits have a tendency to go into shock while bathing. Yikes.

You might be a little concerned for Mr. Rabbit here, but have no fear. His humans advised viewers that he was totally fine right after his bathing session.

So, there you go! You learned something new and potentially life-saving about rabbits. Who knew cute could be so scientific?


Source: The Huffington Post

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