Cat Video Compilations are Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Thank you, internet gods!

What, I ask you, is better than cat videos? (Yes, I know: good sex, BUST magazine, coffee.) And what if someone, some genius, were to combine all the best cat videos from one month into a convenient video you could have on repeat all day?


Thank you, mother Russia! Not only do you have a theatre with cat performers (check out MCAT here), you give us our cat fix of the month.

While there's no way they could capture all of the cats of May, they definitely found the most adorable clips to compile their monthly feline fest:

My favorite might be the cat with a bad habit. Or the one opening the door. Or trapping himself in a box. Or the cat playing with the iguanas. Or...okay, I love them all. I can't wait for June!

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