Breaking News: Kitten Refuses to Leave Bath


A kitten could roll around in excrement, and I would still give it all the love in the world. Luckily for me, this one little fur ball thoroughly enjoys a good cleaning and is even afraid to venture out into the real world without its mini-bathtub. I feel you, Cat. I feel you.


The video shows the white kitten lazily bathing with a few human-provided captions here and there. I mean, it’s like the cat knows what it has, and who could blame it? It’s got that sleepy-eyed look that only appears after an exhausting day of what I imagine to be normal cat activities: meowing up a storm, walking the few inches to its litter box, eating some yummy cat food. This cat seriously deserves some much needed me-time.

It’s no surprise that a pesky human thought it’d be fine to ruin this cat’s one spa day. C’mon human, the cat is obviously pissed at you for taking it out of its bathtub. It’s sick. But hey, as long as we have a video of this adorable wet cat defiantly taking back its awesome hot tub, then I guess it was all worth it in the end. Let’s all just hope that this little kitty finally got some peace and quiet—and some bath salts from its viral video-hungry human.

 Photo via FOX 17

Tags: cute , kitten , adorable , Bath
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