When I first read the headline for this, I honestly thought there was just a woman from Buffalo, NY who was just really, really proud of being pregnant. That she was selling off her positive pregnancy tests of a souvenir of her fertility.

But no, this is a serious financial venture. It’s weirdly brilliant and certainly…original, I suppose. I mean, I hope she’s making a fortune off of it, so that baby can grow up with a happy, normal life.  Well, “normal.” 

It still doesn’t take away from the creepiness factor, though. Here’s a particularly chilling line from the original Craigslist ad: “Ever since I became pregnant, I have been asked numerous times for a positive test, so I decided to start charging for it!” Who are you hanging out with?

Aside from a really terrifying practical joke or some kind of crazy way to save a relationship, I can’t imagine why someone would buy a positive pregnancy test. 

And that said: ladies, if you need to spend $25 on a positive pee-stick to con your boyfriend into commitment, he’s just not that into you 

Original Article and Image via Blisstree.com