Should we take away this woman’s camera, or…? Wowza.

Jill Greenberg calls herself “The Manipulator.” For her exhibit and book "End Times," she armed herself with lollipops and tempted children into making these terribly exquisite faces of absolute despair! Who knew making great art was as simple as literally taking candy from a baby?

Look at these goobers!


Not everyone loves Greenberg’s tactics for getting these shots, but the subject matter (children in pain) is purposely politicized. She writes:

"As a mother, I am quite aware of how easily toddlers can cry. Storms of grief sweep across their features without warning; a joyful smile can dissolve into a grimace of despair....[hysterical toddlers] reminded me of helplessness and anger I feel about our current political and social situation."

Greenberg called the exhibit "End Times" in reference to right wing and religious extremists who she claims don't plan for a sustainable future because they believe the end is near anyway. The kinds who, in her opinion, often support horrible environmental degradation, blocks to medical care, and war.

"As a parent I have to reckon with the knowledge that our children will suffer for the mistakes our government is making. Their pain [in these photos] is a precursor of what is to come.”

Somehow that knowledge makes these pics even more striking. See the full set on her website, and tell us what you think.

Photos via Jill



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