Story of Burned Kitten Will Make You Hate People, Then Love People

At five weeks old, Justin was found in North Pennsylvania on April 26 after being purposefully doused with an accelerant and lit on fire. On fire. A small, tiny, adorable kitten. I don’t understand this. Look at this face! Who could viciously attack this cuteness?


While I may not be partial to the name Justin (hello, ex-boyfriend!), this particular Justin has my heart all ooey and gooey. I want to love him and hold him and feed him and care for him forever. Whoever abused him makes me angry and so very, very confused.

Luckily for Justin (and my faith in humanity), a good Samaritan saw this tiny kitten on fire and quickly smothered the flames with his jacket and got Justin help. Thank you, anonymous hero! I want to take you to dinner or send you flowers. Thank you.

Justin is recovering well, although it will be some time before he’s completely in the clear. The little guy sustained burns a third of his body. However, he’s in the hands of professionals at the Animal Alliance of New Jersey and Crown Veterinary Specialists who are devoting as much time and care as it takes to get him all healed up. He’s currently in a foster home (I couldn’t find any info on if he’ll be up for adoption any time soon), but his medical expenses are quite hefty and will be around $5,000 to $6,000. You can donate money here to help the AANJ cover Justin's bills.

If you have any information regarding Justin’s attacker, please call the Pennsylvania SPCA Anti-Cruelty Hotline 866-601-SPCA. If you see animal cruelty or abuse, please report it to your local/state police. Animal cruelty is a crime in every state. The ASPCA has a comprehensive list of state animal abuse laws, as well as helpful tips about reporting abuse.

If you’re inspired to adopt a beautiful furry friend, the Humane Society has great resources, as does the Shelter Pet Project. They’ll help you find shelters in your area as well as the perfect new companion.

For updates on Justin, visit the AANJ’s facebook page (they post pictures as he’s healing! Adorable little guy!).


Thanks to the awesome site www.lifewithcats.tv for sharing news on Justin.

Photo cred: www.lifewithcats.tv

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