If two trains are heading to the same destination at 60 miles per hour, and x = zero, what is your cup size?

School just got a little more exciting in Derby, England, where 11 year olds will soon be taught “bra fitting” alongside math and science in their yearly curriculums.


Derby High School will give this essential know-how to its classes of preteen students starting next year. Led by Mrs. Karan Hopkinson, girls will be taught how to properly measure themselves, find their sizes, and choose bras that offer the support they should have based on their unique needs.

A lot of us learn those things the hard way; a process of elimination that unfortunately includes everything from uniboob to gappy bra to shoulder dents to squashiness that makes our cups overfloweth. I personally believe that getting bra-educated right off the bat could’ve made my teen self a little less slouchy.

Of course, some people don’t think this class is a boobtastic idea. Stephen Green from the U.K.’s Christian Voice campaign says these lessons are a mother’s job, not the school curriculum’s. But good sex ed and body positivity in the classroom would lead to an easier social environment for moms and kids to have such talks, no? He also adds that chatting about boobs in school will make girls self-conscious. Guess what Mr. Green – we’re usually already self-conscious at that age, so we may as well be informed too. Besides, Mrs. Hopkinson has her shit together.

She’s making “teen-friendly” materials about bra fitting to be used in the upcoming classes, getting certified through bra fitting courses, and prepping the bra-centric section for the school’s new Personal Health and Social Education syllabus.

What do the girls themselves have to say about this idea? They love it, according to surveys passed out among the school’s current preteen students. That’s all I need to know to wish Mrs. Hopkinson and her bra-fitting pamphlets the breast of luck. (har har)


Thanks to The Daily Mail. Photo via Busty Girl Comics.

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