Ladies' footwear is inextricably linked to your educational success at this particular college. Apparently. Tajikistan's State Pedagogical University is now mandating that all women attending the school must wear high heels, not to exceed four inches. TSPU's head of university, Abdujabbor Rahmonov, established the new rule, declaring it would "cultivate a more polished image for the student body." And yet male students' personal attire choice is not regulated in any way. Surprise, surprise. Of course, we all know that only women need to worry about how polished their image is. Duh!


Now, this is a touchy subject for Rahmonov. We know this because the minute a journalist arrived at the scene of the awful, douche-y offense, he had her detained immediately. Marhabo Hokim, a reporter for Asia-Plus, attempted to question some female students about the shoe regulation, but Rahmonov quickly intervened. The school chief accused Hokim of photographing him without his permission and had her taken to the local police station. Hokim was able to confirm, however, that each morning female students were assessed by guards at the school’s entrance. Blergh! I'd like to see Rahmonov try trekking around a campus in heels all day. Some of us aren't built for wearing heels, especially not on a daily basis. (Or maybe we just don't enjoy it very much. Moving on...)

Rahmonov has not always discriminated only against women. In addition to banning hijabs in public schools when acting as Tajikistan’s education minister, he also established a rule that required all men at the Islamic University of Tajikistan must shave their beards and wear suits and ties.

Source: Vocativ

Photos via Wikipedia, Vocativ, and TojNews

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