Tonight's the big night! It's BUST's first-ever all-female comedy night, and it's gonna be a doozy. So many laughs, so much fun, and so many cool ladies all under one roof. Did your dreams just come true? (Spoiler: they did.)

Tuesday April 9th at 8:00PM

Public Assembly 70 N. 6th St ., Brooklyn, NY

$5 DOLLARS IN ADVANCE. And $7 at the door.

Tonight's Line-Up:


Erin Lennox 

Carolyn Busa 

Kate Wolff 

Leah Bonnema 

Calise Hawkins  

Bonnie McFarlane

Hosted By: John Nunn

Tonight will be, in the words of a 6th grader signing someone's yearbook, 2 good 2b 4got10.