In A Lady Awakened, the heroine uses the hero for sex (Bantam)

Heaving… Bosoms…

I’m sure we all can admit that we have skimmed the romance novel section at a bookstore or finished an entire panty-scorcher at the beach… She storyline is all-too-familiar…

An example of a NON-Feminist Romance Novel/Memoir

Well, according to Jessica Luther, writing for The Atlantic, there is a new genre in town. It is sexy, smart, and features a strong female protagonist who doesn’t fall for the violent, brooding fella.

Fabio: Gettin' us all twitterpated

These new romance novels are by women and for women who grew up with feminism and "take feminist ideas that were once novel, provocative, on the very edge of inconceivable for granted, as givens." With so much rape culture on our radar these days, isn’t it nice to know that these authors are trying to move forward?

“A genre centered on women, written primarily by women, and consumed mainly by women cannot be ignored because it can teach us about what women want.”

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