Girl Crush of the Week: Mila Kunis

She’s hot, she’s funny, she dated Kevin McCalister from Home Alone (don’t worry, she waited until he was legal), and she’s set to produce and star in a 1970s-set woman’s lib drama on the CW. Wait, What? Do I sense a new girl crush forming? Yes, I do.

It gets even better--in a recent interview for her upcoming movie, Oz the Great and Powerful, Mila Kunis was interviewed by BBC Radio 1.  The very adorable, young and super flustered interviewer, Chris Stark, decided that his interview was not just for BBC’s sake, but also his chance to score a date, or three with Mila. He went for it, asking her to hang with him at a local pub, wear his football jersey, and to go to a friend's wedding with him.  She seemed to be down with all of that, or at least patiently tolerated him. Watch as she banters her way through an entire 6 minute interview, while sick as a dog, and still manages to rattle off all the required press answers at the end.


“Let me just give you answers that I know you're gonna ask."


Mila, we love you.   

Photo via 6nobacon.com and Video via youtube


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