“The Light That Shines” is a documentary about Jill, a young woman diagnosed with breast cancer just after her wedding. She underwent chemotherapy, radiation, five surgeries, and a double mastectomy. She later lost an implant due to an infection and no longer wears a prosthetic breast to replace it. She has now been diagnosed with incurable stage 4 bone cancer. Jill's dream is to inspire other women to love their bodies and feel comfortable no matter how they look. When Australian photographer Sue Bryce received an e-mail from one of Jill’s friends, she was moved by Jill’s story. She agreed to do a photo shoot with Jill in Paris, showing her body in all of her natural beauty. The documentary is gorgeously shot and includes the gorgeous portraits of Jill by Sue. Before you watch the extremely moving short film below, be sure to have some tissues handy.


Photo via GooglePlus




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