Calling All Hipsters! New Reality Show in the Works

Are you a hipster? Do you own more than three articles of clothing with an owl on them? Do you have a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster hanging above your thrift store credenza? If so, a casting director is searching for you right NOW. According to an audition posting on nycasting.com, a new reality show called Hipsters of New York is auditioning hipsters. And the casting directors want to make it very clear that they are looking for HIPSTERS ONLY. Clarifying that hipster is not the same as "hip hop," the post explains, “They typically live in Williamsburg and are overeducated, snobbish, androgynous, intellectual, liberal, artsy, trust fund kids and dress funky."

I guess somebody didn’t get the memo that Williamsburg is now for young moms, yuppies, and finance kids; they're about 10 years too late on that description. In any case, the post also adds that the show is looking for people who "are obnoxious jerk[s] and curse often," a "classy bitch that's totally stuck up," and people who "cry often and are sad or angry at the world." Do you define yourself by ridiculous stereotypes and want to be exploited in exchange for a few precious moments of fame? Then answer this ad, quick!


Image from nycasting.com

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