How different would 30 Rock be without flaxen-haired, diva-voiced Jane Krakowski? Here’s your chance to find out! Check out this four-minute video, unearthed by Buzzfeed, of the ORIGINAL pilot of 30 Rock, with SNL alum Rachel Dratch playing “Jenna DeCarlo” instead of Jenna Maroney.

The whole vibe of the show is different; Krakowski’s high-strung and incessant attempts at fame are replaced by Dratch’s shenanigans as a weirder, cooler cucumber.

Also – check out the original!Cerie.

Instead of playing Jenna, Dratch was employed in an array of diverse roles, like the terrifying blue man in Tracey Jordan’s hallucinations and the kooky cat wrangler. Dratch’s immense talent for character acting seems better utilized in this way, rather than in Jenna DeCarlo. Also, how could we have lived without Maroney’s glorious one-liners and The Muffin Top Song?


Photo Credit to Google Images, glamour.com, popfocal.com