The aesthetics of the New York Punk scene have inspired fashion for decades. Dirty hair, unnecessary sunglasses, and leather jackets never go out of style…plus you can validate your disheveled appearance when there’s no time for a shower.

London designer SIBLING has taken that punk inspiration to a whole different place for their collection of men’s knitwear. PLEASE KILL ME debuted at London’s fashion week, and it’s amazing and ridiculous in all the best ways!


The playful collection features oversized knits, blue mohair, and gigantic ovenmits that would make a great gift/the most difficult things ever to pack in to a suitcase. 

Feast your eyes on this divine concoction of red leopard-print and black mohair.


Who needs a sweater and mittens when you can be smitten with this number? It probably takes much less time to put on.


I am not sure the collection screams “NY Punk,” but it definitely screams quite loudly. Joe Bates, Sid Bryan, and Cozette McCreery collaborated on PLEASE KILL ME, and tout it as an “exercise in both fluff and tough for men. While it might not be knitting for sissies, don’t be scared, SIBLING always aims to achieve their collections with a sense of humour and technical skill.”


It’s their fifth year of creating fun, gender-bending knits, and we hope they keep us in stitches for many years to come.


Images via anothermag.com, businessinsider.com, newswhip.com, and dailymail.co.uk

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