No Need to Mansplain: Blog Gains Popularity Through Solidarity

If you’ve ever had a long mansplanation given to you, you could find yourself needing to vent about it. (“Mansplaining” is when someone gives you a patronizing and often extraneous explanation of something that you already know about, assuming that your pretty little woman brain wouldn’t have this knowledge already because, well, you’re a woman).

Luckily, there is a Tumblr where you can share these special mansplanation moments with the rest of the world! Academic Men Explain Things To Me posts a cornucopia of stories. They’re hilarious, if rather frustrating, snapshots from women who are underestimated by blithering “know-it-alls.”


Among other gems, the stories include someone detailing the way to the women’s bathroom (but not to the men’s, because they’ve got that down pat) and a guy explaining why women don’t like physics to a female physics grad student.

The worst part of mansplaining is that, even if it is immediately invalidated, there is rarely remorse on the part of the mansplainer. It’s good that we can all get some solidarity from our fellow sisters on the world-wide web!


Image via heysiralfredwtfareyoudoing.tumblr.com

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