Science: It's a Girl Thing!' Gets a Makeover

We wrote about the European Commission’s epic fail of a video campaign to promote women in science back in June. Their video’s slogan, “Science: it’s a girl thing!” was accompanied by just enough makeup, nail polish, and cliché girly images to trigger your gag reflex. If you’re brave enough, you can watch it below.


After the disastrous (and completely warranted) response of every logical being on the planet, they withdrew the video and announced a contest to replace it with something less patronizing. They’ve finally announced the winning “Science, It’s Your Thing!” videos, so you can erase that pink-tinged horror forever.

The first was submitted by Stéphane Debove of France. It’s a straight-up, fact-based video about why women have a vested interest in science. Essentially, it treats women like adults, you know, with working brains and such.

The second one was submitted by an Australian duo, and it basically says that science is a party. There’s a lot of giggling, flashing of gang signs, and smoking beakers; and it succeeds at making science look fun even if it’s a little overzealous.

The third video was submitted by an American, Michelle Goffred, and it shows adolescent girls explaining their dreams in the scientific field. It’s quite genuine, and will do well with their target audience.

So I guess the moral of the story is that promoting women in science is easier when you’re actually promoting women in science? Hear, hear!


Videos via youtube.com and image from chimpmarketing.com





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