Here’s proof that you can’t judge based on what you see- French television talent show contestant Rachel Aspe looks like she is shy and reserved, the type of girl who would have a set of angelic pipes. But when she took the stage for “La France A Un Incroyable Talent” (the French version of “America’s Got Talent”), her performance shocked the hell out of the judges and all those watching, and has gained nearly 2 million hits on YouTube. Why? Because Rachel is a metal singer, and she screamed her way through her performance like a total badass. 

The 24 year-old student from Mougins, France gave her best rendition of Swedish death-metal band Sybreed’s “Emma-O." Despite the attention she’s received, Aspe was axed from the show early on. In an interview with ABC news, Rachel revealed that metal has always been a passion of hers. 

“I discovered metal when I met new friends when starting high school. I always sang a bit and when I discovered this style of music I wanted to try as well and fell in love with it,” she told “My style is not exactly heavy metal. Heavy metal is more like Iron Maiden, they don’t scream. I call my style metal. ”

Check out the video of her performance here, and if you’re into metal then head over to Rachel’s SoundCloud account for more of her music.

Photo via ABC