Catapult: Donate to Empower Women, Then Track the Progress

There are three main reasons I don’t frequently donate to charities, and believe me I would love to.  The first is that I’m a broke college student.  The second is that one of my jobs is telemarketing/fundraising for my college.  But the third is that I am sometimes concerned about how donations are actually being spent.  Well, now there’s a great website/organization that aims to help specific women’s issues, and the website tracks how every dollar is spent. 

Catapult lets you find a project either by location or topic (e.g. child brides, education, LGBTQ) and allows you to see the specifics from there.  Their video explaining the process gives some great examples of projects to be funded.  One project is a community focus on adolescent reproductive health.  There’s also an organization based on the recent tragedy of Malala Yousafzai.  That campaign aims to provide 35 secondary school scholarships, in addition to scholarships for Afghan girls, to empower young women to finish university.  The best part is, you can see how many other people are supporting it and how everything is spent. Catapult also allows you to make a team with people you know who support the same cause, and easily lets you communicate with each other.  So check it out and support any cause on this site-you know your money won’t be wasted and every single organization has the shared goal of empowering women and girls.


Images via catapult.com

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