My Vag: Better Than a Penis

People still remember Mickey Avalon, right? Anyone who’s experienced the lyrical genius on display in his hit song “My Dick” could never forget him. And don’t even try to deny it, we know every time the song comes up on shuffle in the car you’re singing/yelling along. Our excuse is that the vulgarity is so bad that it’s almost good.

We can all agree that this was a song made to be parodied, and there have been attempts in the past, most notably Margaret Cho’s “My Puss” from a few years back. Hold the phone though, because there’s a new amateur rapper/”part-time gynecologist” in town.


Awkwafina (see what she did there?) has managed to make the song lady-part friendly with her equally hilarious rendition, titled “My Vag.” The video itself is comedic and grotesque enough for you to go “Oh god, why” at least three times. Especially as she emerges from between a woman’s legs with various objects, including a statue, caution tape, and a large cat.

Check out the video; it’s actually pretty funny - though not exactly safe for work, FYI!


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