Remember a little while back when I talked about Katy Perry’s slammin’ Daria-inspired nails? And how jealous I was of her nail art in general? (Let's be real--all of us would do some despicable things for access to her manicurists.)

Well, she’s upped the ante this week with a freaking PRO-BAMA MANI for her debut performance for Mr. President, complete with tiny portraits of the commander-in-chief himself. Katy ain’t playing when it comes to this election, people!



Whether or not you’re an Obama fan, wouldn’t it be kinda awesome to rock your fave candidate’s mug on your fingertips? Or do you think it’s a bit over the top to tout political parties with every flick of the wrist?

Either way, this look sure as hell beats a bumper sticker.


Image via @KatyPerry

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