Sometimes artist statements are so damn vague, that they could literally apply to half the exhibitions in a single block of galleries in Downtown Manhattan. However, David James Ross, an expert in social media and business start-ups, has recently begun a new project called Artybollocks, satirizing these very clichés of the art world. The site works as follows: by clicking a button, Artybollocks will spit out a an “artist statement,” which, as the site’s name points out, is legitimate to your interpretation. But the site’s real purpose is a creating a democratic environment in the art world—the idea that today, we can all be “instant artists.” The statements generated by Artybollocks are a good tool if you’re feeling lazy and want some advice on how to explain your next art show, or, you know, if you just want to giggle at yourself a bit. Try generating your own artist statement by clicking here

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