I'm just going to assume that in this day and age many of you have iPhones. And so, in saying that many of you know of the little and totally awesome (not to mention, totally FREE) app Instagram. For absolutely nothing you can make all your iPhone pics look like vintage perfection without the hassle of transferring and loading into photoshop and filters and blah. Plus, you get to share it with the world! All good and snazzy, except you really really like those photos and want to actually use them for something.

Never fear! Because you totally can. Casetagram is a site that allows you to create an iPhone case with your own Instagram photos. They have four designs to choose from and they are all about the best thing I have ever seen. The price isn't too shabby either--a customized product running you only $34.95 (free shipping worldwide!)? Never be caught dead with the same iPhone case as that other guy again! After you're done, you can even share your design on the website for all to look upon and envy.

Now, if only they did this for iPods…


Photo: Casetagram's own gallery|Source: Gizmodo

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