Happy Casual Friday Super Cute Fun Time Dance!


weekend catLike most people waking up before the butt crack of dawn, it takes more than a few shots of espresso to get my gears turning in the morning. I often find myself uncontrollably jealous of anyone under the age range of 5, and their ability to literally leap out of bed and continue through their day full throttle. This morning in a sluggish and slightly incoherent manner I roll over hit my clock radio in ceremonial morning fashion and fix my bed head accordingly. Before I can even think about what type of breakfast I will be having I remember that I have the internet to look forward to, and it’s filled with adorable and bubbly things like this video.

 It’s very obvious that this little munchkin is excited for the weekend, as you should be . Can we all please just take a little charisma from this pint size powerhouse? I think the world would be a more fun place because of it.  I challenge all readers of this blog to improve dance through the streets and see how many people follow your choreography or at least pretend to keep up. So what about those folks who don't want in on the dance party? Well they obviously don’t know it’s Friday, duh!


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_S0T7cma_U&feature=related 425x344]


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