Fantastic Mr. Fox is well, Fantastic

My Roald Dahl-loving heart sure got a treat this weekend and boy, it was satisfying.

Normally, movies intended for children and their parents really don't get me too hopped up at all. Up looked extremely cute but eh, I still haven't seen it. Where the Wild Things Are has the extremely well crafted puppets, stunning scenery, etc. but that still wasn't enough to get me counting down the days until its release. Fantastic Mr. Fox, on the other hand, has everything I could ask for...an adaptation of a Dahl piece, Wes Anderson, a slew of impressive vocal talents, incredibly detailed figures and scenes that went through the sloooooooow stop-motion animation process, and, like all of Anderson's films, a nifty soundtrack.

To my delight, this film went beyond my expectations. The cast of critters are quirky, the story is somewhat predictable but nonetheless touching, and the jokes were enjoyed by both the children and adults that were in the theater with me.


I don't want to give anything away but if a movie about a wild-at-heart-fox-that-gets-into-a-wee-bit-of-trouble-for-stealing-from-some-dick-farmers sounds pretty darn cute to you, check it out. And hey, if you're undecided for a movie this upcoming holiday weekend, give this film a chance. I know you don't really have your heart set on 2012 anyway...

P.S. For those of you in NYC who want more Fantastic Mr. Fox greatness, Bergdorf Goodman has some of the actual scenes as part of their window displays! I went to see them right after I saw the film and let me just say, the detail that went into them is outstanding.

Photo courtesy of iwatchstuff.com

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