According to Time, the Mormon Church has finally announced support for gay rights legislation, which, I think a number of people can agree, is (somewhat of) a skip in the right direction. Because of this endorsement, officials in Salt Lake City, where 80% of the lawmakers and governors are members of the Church, unanimously approved two ordinances banning the firing of someone from their job, as well as evicting someone from their residence, because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

While this may all seem fine and dandy, one must remember that the Mormon Church gave money left and right in support of California's Prop 8 legislation. Ei yi yi. Given that the Church is so fundamentally conservative in their views towards marriage, I found it no surprise that for gays to retain the church's callings and remain full members, they must practice celibacy.

This article provides a glimmer, only a slight one at that, of hope for gays in the Mormon Church, as well as in Salt Lake City, but does it really mean much when the Church is so adamant about their traditional stance on gay marriage?


Photo courtesy of mygaybestfriend


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