In early 2009, our good friends Carol Ann Gleason, Founder and Director of Stimulus Projects and NYC-based Photographer Danielle St. Laurent teamed up to launch the Geo-Girls Citizen Journalism Program at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy in Nairobi, Kenya.  The Geo-Girls Program provides media equipment (laptops and cameras) and media training to 24 of the girl students of the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy which links the girls through monthly media projects with the girls of the Lower East Side Girls Club in New York City and their sister club, Club Balam in Chiapas, Mexico to a shared web-platform.
Immediately, these links among girls widens their access to information, while also creating inroads for girls to build global solidarity, as well as cultivating a platform that encourages greater awareness and bolder voices. In effect, transforming the experience of girls by putting communication technologies directly into their hands, so that they become the producers and technicians of their message.

Next Wednesday, Carol Ann and Danielle will be hosting a Fundraiser to support the works of Stimulus Projects and the efforts of The Lunch Box Fund in providing daily meals for the girls students of the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy. This is a critical time as the funds for daily meals has dried up,  so all money raised at this benefit will go directly to ensuring daily meals for the girls, sometimes and often their only complete daily meal and also to support the advancement of the Geo-Girls Citizen Journalism Programming in maximizing the future potential of girls!

So come on out, raise a glass, dance, and support the (potential / development) of girls in Africa!


Event Wed. Aug 26th 8-midnight. Broadway East,

171 East Broadway rsvp: info@stimulusprojects.org

In association with The Lower East Side Girls Club , The Lunch Box Fund, and Kibera Girls Soccer Academy

Below are some images of the girls involved in the project. (photos by Danielle St. Laurent)


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