This ad is so mind-blowingly (heh) offensive and slack that I can feel myself getting dumber as I write this. It manages to desecrate both burgers and blow-jobs--and as an erstwhile fan of both, and a defender of the ladies, it leaves me triply outraged and left with the same greasy sense of empty calories and broken promises that fast food so often delivers. I love a dick joke as much as the next girl, but, in the words of Gob-COME ON!


Why would looking at a vacant, armless, dead-eyed woman about to choke on a massive sandwich make me want one? Or a man want one? (Is the one a sandwich or a blow-job?) I think this ad could be a minefield of confusion for a dude--am I hungry? Horny? Is my junk actually a sandwich masquerading as a penis? This explains that embarrassing mess on the subway!

Oh, and I am officially calling shenanigans on the whole 'it's a foreign ad agency/affiliate, so it's not our bad' excuse.The problem with ads like these, in my opinion, isn't that they try to use sexy images and words to sell a product. My problem is that they do so in such a joyless, exploitative, unfunny, and unclever way. My problem is that they make the cheap and desperate choice to use women's subjugation as a punchline. My problem is that as a female consumer I am told to be pretty, sit still, and open wide. My problem is that 'have it your way' means 'have it your way if you are a misogynist male.' -Devan

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