Braaaaaaiiins Under $100
art.colin.nowherefast.jpgSummer blockbusters cost millions to produce and sometimes they barely break even at the box office. Even low budget independent movies will run in the tens of thousands price range. Which is why the movie Colin is such a surprising hit at Cannes this year - it was made for a mere $70.

Filmmaker Marc Price had the idea to make a zombie movie from the zombie's point of view; but he didn't have any money so he called together some friends and did a BYO equipment film shoot. Over the 18 months it took to shoot and edit the film he was working part time for a taxi company. He used Facebook and MySpace to recruit friends as extras.

As far as where the $70 went, ''We bought a crowbar and a couple of tapes, and I think we got some tea and coffee as well -- not the expensive stuff either, the very basic kind,'' Price told CNN. ''Just to keep the zombies happy.''

Price's DIY filmmaking approach is great, especially now when people don't have as much money to throw around. The film is getting good reviews, mainly for its story over its production quality (as can probably be expected).

I hope it comes out in the US soon. -Liza
(photo and quote via CNN.com)
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