Model & VJ Ruby Rose Comes Out as Genderfluid; Releases Honest Short Film on Gender

Be still my gender non-conforming heart.  We’ve recruited another human capable of flawlessly representing any and all genders to our secret cult.  JK, there’s no cult.  But Ruby Rose is totally queer, though, no JK about that.

Rose began her career as a model for Girlfriend magazine, moving on to MTV VJ-ing in 2008 after beating out 2000 other hopefuls for the spot.  This opened the floodgates for Rose’s fame.  She has since guest judged for Australia’s Next Top Model, hosted a news talk show called The 7pm Project, appeared in a film with Christina Ricci, designed a fashion line with Milk and Honey, and dropped her first single “Guilty Pleasure”.


An open lesbian, Ruby Rose has been engaged to Phoebe Dahl (beloved children’s author Roald Dahl’s granddaughter) since March 2014.  Together, they created the short film “Break Free”, a seemingly autobiographical video about "gender roles, Trans, and what it is like to have an identity that deviates from the status quo".

Note: Binding with Ace bandages (depicted in the video) is NOT advisable.  Inexpensive binders can be found on the internet.

Rose has come out as genderfluid, saying, “I am very gender fluid and feel more like I wake up every day sort of gender neutral”.  She still uses female pronouns (she/her/hers), which, for the record, is totally FINE.  There is no rulebook for expressing your gender.  Gender non-conforming people can dress traditionally “feminine” or “masculine” or anywhere in between.  Androgyny is more than shorthaired, tall, thin people in fancy blazers and expensive slacks.  In short, gender is honestly whatever the f**k you want to make of it! 

Young, questioning kiddos out there, don’t think you have to chop off your hair or wear a (frickin' cool) short-sleeved button down to express your gender. What is shown in the music video works for Rose, vacillating between ultra femme and super butch, but might not be your brand of gender independence.

You could never change a thing about your appearance, and still be just as gender variant as if you got a queercut and a small fortune’s worth of tattoos.  In the same vein, if you feel that altering the way you present yourself to the world helps you feel right with your gender, you do that.  It’s all up to you. 

Also, as a little adieu from Ruby Rose and I to you, the gender binary is bullsh*t.  Burn that f**ker to the ground.  (Unless it is not safe to do so in your current environment (story of my life), in which case I promise there will be many more chances in the future to give a big middle finger to all of this, but please be safe until then. <3)



Images via: dailymail.co.uk, youtube, 2dayfm.com.au

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