In a world of Photoshop mania, beauty products galore and an onslaught of sexualized celebrity images, it is very difficult to look at one’s self and feel 100% confident. We, the regular folks, have bodies riddled with scars, stretch marks and other such "flaws." Our culture constantly informs us we aren’t supposed to have them, that our scars are gross despite the struggles they represent, and our stretch marks are proof we are fat rather than human beings who have grown. With cosmetics companies enforcing these messages, selling us things like diet pills and scar-erasing creams, it’s no wonder that plenty of people are staying covered up, even during summer, for fear of showing off the bodies they are told are not nearly beautiful enough to reveal.

My own thighs are riddled with scars, as are my arms. I have stretch marks on my chest and legs. My butt is covered in cellulite. For I really long time, I thought this made me gross and unattractive. I spent a good amount of time and money trying to lose weight and rid my body of cellulite, as well as trying different creams and lotions to remove my scars and stretch marks. I realize now that these things are simply part of being an average human being. There are Tumblr posts that ask readers to reblog it if they have stretch marks, and each post has a ton of notes and shares. Things like this remind me that my skin and body are normal and I have nothing about which to be ashamed. 


While I see no problem with people trying, safely, to eliminate cellulite or stretch marks in order to feel more comfortable with their bodies, I think we should all ultimately embrace our so-called flaws and reject this call to change and perfect our already beautiful selves. Of course, I can't say what is right or wrong to do with a person's body, as it is hers and hers alone, but I want us all to remember that we should wear whatever we want whenever we want and feel confident and comfortable at the same time. 

Remember that you don’t need to change for anything or anyone but yourself. 

Remember that your physical appearance does not determine your self-worth.

Remember that you can be gorgeous and stylish and covered with scars, cellulite and stretch marks.

So celebrate your body and the story it tells and wear your short shorts with pride!


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