29 Cats Napping in Unbelievable Positions!

Do you ever have those days where you wish you could switch places with your cat?  I’d love to take a day off of work to just sleep and purr and enjoy that feline life. Alas, it was not meant to be. 

But at least you can take a break from all of your human-work to appreciate these cats’ amazing sleeping powers!  Seriously, I wish I could sleep the way some of these cats are sleeping.  It’s a skill. 

 Because climbing from the bedframe into the actual bed would have been too much work, and he was just too *yawn* tired. 




2 beds are better than one.  The logic is simple.  (Oh the feline brain power!)



That one’s just asking for a tummy rub!



I guess you’ll have to wash your hands in the kitchen.  There’s no disturbing that level of adorable. 



Catnapping is hard work you know! 



Just working a little late at the office! 



Can I have him? 


So cozy…  So ridiculous…



As if we needed an excuse to put off laundry for another day. 



Ooh, now we don’t even need to hold up our heads!  So much effort avoided! 



Taking a nap break between the dresser and the computer?  Always a good choice. 




Nothing says cozy like a cat in a boot. 



Now he’s just trying to make me feel bad.  I can’t even touch my toes. 



This is the true manifestation of friendship. 



Why think outside the box when you can take a nap? 






Can anyone actually sleep like this?  It’s just impressive. 



So tiny!  So adorable! 




Just chillin’



This is the lap of luxury, right here.  Royalty in cat-nap form. 




It’s like he face-planted while sleeping.  How??



Why spend money on a bed when you can sleep in a box? 



Why you getting’ all up in my grill? 




Summer footwear is so in!!




Seriously??  How is that even comfortable? 




Cats stopping dish-washers, one home at a time. 




It’s like a book worm, but a cat, and asleep! 




Growing a cat in there? 



We will never truly understand cats. 



Images courtesy of dose.com.  

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