If you’re like me (in that you care about the environment but are typically overwhelmed about how to help protect it) then you’ve probably been feeling guilty since hearing that the West Antarctic ice sheet is melting and cannot be stopped.

A couple weeks ago, I received a very informative email from Environment America, notifying me that sea levels are due to a rise between 4 and 12 feet, potentially resulting in the eventual submergence of some of America’s beloved sites (such as Miami Beach, Fenway Park, and the World Trade Center Memorial in New York City).  


At the current rate, the sea levels may rise slowly for the rest of the 21st century, but continued release of greenhouse gases will probably make the situation worse. Other parts of Antarctica could destabilize, creating even higher sea levels which will lead to the inundation of many of the world’s coastal cities. In the U.S. alone, rising sea levels over time would mean the displacement of 3.7 million people.   

Since receiving this email from Environment America, dramatically but respectably entitled “Antarctica is Gone,” I have been questioning my current lifestyle and trying new ways to live sustainably.   

It turns out (*drum roll please*) living more sustainably is totally possible and not as big of a deal as you’d think. For those of us living in New York, we actually have the option of using clean energy to run our homes and businesses - it’s called Green Mountain Energy.

Green Mountain Energy is a company that currently exists, right now, that can provide you/your house with renewable energy from sources such as the wind or sun. I may be naive, but I have long been under the impression that though this was very possible, was not readily available, especially not in New York City.

Green Mountain has been around since the 90’s, and track their sustainability to ensure that the “clean” energy they provide is legit. For those of you have been to one of BUST’s Craftaculars, you might have seen a Green Mountain Energy rep!

In case you didn’t see them at our most recent event, Primped, Green Mountain Energy will be at the Washington Square Arts Show, May 24th to the 26th. Check them out! Their sincere concern for the environment will surely persuade you!

To learn more about clean energy check out their website here or watch their youtube video.

Obviously, this post only provides a limited amount of information about climate change.  I highly encourage you to do more research on your own to get a better understanding of the issue and to learn how you can help. For starters, try the New York Times article regarding West Antarctica’s melting ice sheet or visit EnvironmentAmerica.org.

Images via NewYorkTimes.com, GreenMountainEnergy.com

Sources:  New York Times, Environment AmericaUS Environmental Protection Agency


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